Ilie Dragan – What is Innovation Diagnosis Framework?

Ilie Dragan Flexability Organizational DNA

Considering innovation we should understand what should be done (content approach) and how should be done (process approach). Organizations are in a continuous battle for markets, clients, money, benefits and use all their weapons in this economic war. Innovation could be one of the most effective weapons an organization could use and in the same time one of the most difficult to operate with. Is simple and in the same time complex to educate an organization in a spirit of using innovation. Simple because of the process approach and complex due to the multiple sources of innovation an organization could have ( people, processes, design, structure, culture, technology, environment, market, clients, suppliers, etc ). Innovation as strategy (or part of the strategy) means to understand why we are doing this, what we have to do and how to do it. To understand from where we start and where is the end. And strategy is not only reaching the end, but also the journey itself and permanent adaptation and anticipation of everything happened in the closed or far away environment. And for all this actions we need a tool, which could guide us (what is the initial status on different requirements and constrains, what we have to correct in order to align our capability with the objectives, what is our status, and how well we performed) regarding our “innovative potential”. Is what I called Innovation Diagnostic Framework, the instrument which asses your organizational innovation maturity and gives you the „business genome” of your organisational DNA


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